wRiteBlocks Teaching Kits

Worksheets Kit

$ 275.99 (+ shipping)

  Notebook Includes Writing sheets for:

·  Word-Family and Phonics sheet sets for Levels 1-9 and Basics

·  Review sheets for Levels 1-9

Games Kit

$ 95.99 (+ shipping)

Word-wRite© Racers Game Board

The board game that is designed to grow with your child's vocabulary skills. (includes 6 racers and 2 dice)...

Complete wRiteBlocks Language System

$ 510.99 (+ shipping) *save $100

Get All the Worksheets, Flash Cards, and Games Kits

Flash Cards Kit

$ 240.99 (+ shipping)

  Ten levels of “word-family” groups and sight-word sets. Each word-group flashcard set contains separate cards for:

·  words

·  pictures

·  combined

(*Note: sight-words and basics group sets do not have “word-family” or “silent-e” indicators.)

Spell-wRite© Scramble-words

Scrabble list-type game sheets for each level.

Sight-wRite Bingo

8 sight-word group bingo cards (5x5) and 150 square chips per color-coded levels 1-9. Basics cards (3x3) have 54 chips.

Think-wRite Mysteries

The Case Files of Detective Ballpoint© - a reading game styled after “Mad Libs”...

Read-wRite Readers

Word group “easy-reader” books! Each graduated reader incorporates lower level words.

Remember-wRite Game
Match-wRite Game
Flip-wRite Game

Use any flashcard set for other fun games such as... “Memory”, “Old Maid”, Slap-Jack” type of card games