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  • Phil Laut and Andy Fuehl

    Win the Money Game

    Win the Sales Game

    Wealth Without A Job

    Money Is My Friends

  • Jeffery Combs

    Psychologically Unemployable

    Golden Mastermind Seminars

    Money is My Friend

  • Robert Kiyosaki

    Rich Dad Poor Dad

    Cashflow Quadrant

    Choose to Be Rich

  • Randy Gage

    The Prosperity Series

    The Midas Mentality

  • Tom and Cathy Pedigo

    How to Self-Publish

    Winning Garage Sales

    How to Control Panic Attacks

    55 Recipes to Die For

  • Lynn Grabhorn

    Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting

    Planet Two

  • Dr. Masaru Emoto

    The Hidden Messages in Water

    The True Power of Water

  • Father Dave Smith

    helps teens to be “mighty men of God”

    Building Bridges with Boxing Gloves

    The Inside Success Show

    (Press Clip - audio)

  • worksheets in science, spanish, math, time, measurements & other games
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  • Unique children's educational toys, books, games and crafts that focus on environmental awareness, social understanding and creative expression
  • The IRSC web site is dedicated to children with disabilities and other health related disorders worldwide. Providing numerous categories and links, Online Communities - a place where you can ask questions or share information, access to recent news articles, and books.
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  • Over 20,000 educational products to choose from. All on sale!
  • Is a comprehensive Home School Search Engine with a collection of categorized links of articles, Home School curricula, chat forums, home teaching guides, tools and services, plus an array of other valuable Home School resources.
  • - Over 18,000 wholesome, family friendly,Christian websites.
  • - Links to 351 education and health resources throughout the world.
  • Resources for kids English teachers. Over 1,000 flashcards, hundreds of worksheets, crafts, games, ESL jobs, teaching tips and much more!
  • Great information pages for parents/caregivers, family members, and friends of ASD children. Also includes “Our Journey”, a UK parent support forum, and other good links for ASD information.
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  • Nourish the Children
  • The Pet Connection
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