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I have over 20 years of raising and teaching children who are labeled as learning disabled, hyperactive, ADD/ADHD, developmentally delayed, ODD (Oppositional Defiant Disorder), or have a mild-moderate level of aspergers/ autism dysfunction.

My "cognitive-language" learning system combines clear writing techniques, phonics and language skills, cognitive-thinking skills, and effective word-association memorization techniques that work with any student who has trouble "catching-on".

Awesome Features

All the Teaching aids work together to help improve handwriting skills and reading comprehension. Teachers can use the Flashcards for any of the Games:

Word-wRite© Racers

Spell-wRite© Scramble-words

Sight-wRite© Bingo

Think-wRite© Mysteries

Read-wRite© Readers

Remember-wRite© Game

Match-wRite© Game

Flip-wRite© Game

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The "cognitive-language" printable handwriting worksheets, flash cards, and games are great teaching aids for all kinds of Teachers:

—   Daycare

—   Pre-school

—   Kindergarten

—   First Grade

—   ESL

—   Special Education

—   Remedial

—   Homeschool

—   Learning Disabled

—   Head Start

The teaching aids and games have:

—  A thicker left-edge line and letter squares to help fix dyslexia handwriting and promote better reading comprehension with correct formation of letters and sentence spacing structure.

—  Blank spaces between “gridlines” (shows clearly defined lines on the handwriting worksheets - even on black & white copies)

—  Phonics "word-family" and "silent e" indicators on both the flashcards and the handwriting worksheets

—  Phonics-based / spelling-based word groups (separate word-group handwriting worksheets for phonics or spelling included in each handwriting worksheet set)

—  Sight-word groups included with each label word group handwriting worksheet set (from the word usage chart by The Rebecca Sitton Program )

—  And pictures on both the handwriting worksheetsand the flashcards to connect the written words to their objects (for easier word-association and reading comprehension).

—  Free Handwriting worksheets (blank) come in several formats to accommodate your child's growing vocabulary and reading comprehension skills

—  Instructions for teaching the "cognitive-language" way using the handwriting worksheets, flashcards, games, and reading comprehension easy-reader books are available (see Newsletter Issue #1 for the first teacher "trick") or sign up for our free monthly newsletter for more advanced teaching methods that teachers can use to help your child improve handwriting skills and reading comprehension

—  All handwriting worksheets, flash cards, and game boards are printable and can be downloaded and saved to the teachers' computer to use over and over